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Paid To Click(PTC) Sites are the best way to earn money online without any investment. There are many PTC sites available online so to find the trusted PTC among them is very difficult so we can solve your problem by providing you the list of top 5 PTC sites of 2018.

With the help of these PTC sites, anyone can easily earn 150$ to 200$ (10000 to 12000 INR) per month by working only 1-2 hour daily.

list of top 5 ptc sites of 2018

Do you know how PTC site generate money and how they paid to us? so don’t worry I will explain this in the next paragraph.

How PTC sites work:- 

Nowadays many advertisers who wants to grow their online business needs to advertise their business or website so these advertisers used PTC sites to advertise their ads and products to increase their business or site traffic so they pay to PTC sites to advertise their ads and products then PTC sites paid to us to increase the site traffic of the advertisers website by viewing the ads of the advertisers which is available on the PTC sites.

In simple term PTC site work as an agent or middleman between advertisers and members.

Following are the list of top 5 PTC sites of 2018:-



List Of Top 5 PTC Sites Of 2018:-



1. Clixsense

Clixsense is the best PTC sites of all time because it is successfully running for 9 years.It is my personal favorite PTC site. I earned around 300$ just in 15 days from clixsense.

Following are the steps you have to follow to work in clixsense:

a) Click here to join clixsense and complete the signup form.

b) When you complete the process of signup then you get a verification link on your email then click on the link and validate your email account.

c) Now login your clixsense account and complete your profile.

Now, how you can earn money from clixsense?

There are many methods from which you can earn money from clixsense for example:- By viewing ads, doing the task, surveys, playing games etc.

Minimum payout of clixsense is 10$ and you can take your withdrawal in Payza account.

2. Paidverts

Paidverts is a very good website to earn an extra amount of income daily.It is a new website but gaining very fast popularity in the online world.

Minimum payout of paidverts is 1 $ and you can take your withdrawal in Paypal account.

Join the paidverts from here.

 How to work in Paidverts:-

1. After joining, you need to view BAP ads and collect BAP points. After that, your BAP points will be converted to paid ads and after view these ads, you will receive the cash and then you will transfer your earned money to your Paypal account

2. View all the BAP ads daily.

3. After 8-10 hours of viewing all the BAP ads, you have to check for paid ads and see all the ads.

4. After earning 1$ buy an ad pack, it is more beneficial for you because you not only receive 1.5$ worth ads but you can also advertise your affiliate links or banner.

5. Refer paidverts to your friends and relatives from your referral link to multiply your income.

3. Neobux

Neobux is a very best PTC site because it pays the higher amount of money to your members. It gives us lot’s of advertisement daily for viewing. I have earned 800$ from neobux in just one month.

Neobux is the all-time best PTC sites among the given list of top 5 PTC sites of 2018.It also takes the good position in Alexa ranking. NeoBux consists several ways to earn money and you will get your payment instantly in your PayPal or Payza account.

The minimum payout of neobux is 2$.

Join Neobux from here:-

How to work in Neobux:-

1. Click and view ads daily.
2. Neobux provides some mini jobs of crowd flowers so complete these mini-jobs daily.
3. Used AdPrize and you get a chance to win prizes up to $50 or a free golden membership.
4. Complete money pollfish surveys to increase your income.
5. Multiply your earning by referring to your friend and relatives.
6. You can also earn in neobux from rented referrals.

What are Rented Referrals:-

Rented Referrals are paid referrals they are not free. If you want to make 700$ to 800$ a month, then you have to take rented referrals. The rent of one referral is 0.20$ for 30 days You have to renew each referral after 30 days.


4. Buxp

Buxp is also a very good legitimate site to earn money online. You can earn in Buxp by viewing ads, watching video and youtube ads.It allows advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers.

If you want to withdraw your money you have minimum 8$ in your Buxp account and you can take your withdrawal via Paypal, Alertpay.

Join Buxp here:-

5. PrizeRebel

It is also one of the best genuine PTC sites. You can earn money from PrizeRebel by playing online games, participate in a survey, by complete offers of different companies, by winning contests and lucky numbers.

PrizeRebel gives good referral commission up to 20%.

You also get coins in PrizeRebel.For 100 coins you get 1$ and you can take your earning in PayPal, gift cards or bitcoin.

Join PrizeRebel here:-

Additional tips to work on PTC sites:-

  1. At least join 4-5 PTC sites.
  2. View all the ads daily because it shows your presence in PTC sites and you get more and more ads daily.
  3. Make your PTC sites profile genuine and attractive to get daily surveys.
  4. Try to make referrals as many as possible because it multiplies your earning.
  5.  The More time you spend on these PTC sites the more you earn.

So this is the list of top 5 PTC sites of 2018 which pays regularly for many years.

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