Top 5 Captcha Typing Job Of 2018 – Online Typing Jobs

Captcha typing job is very trending online job because it does not need any kind of skill or experience but it needs only a good typing speed and a desktop or laptop with fast internet connection.

If u want to earn 10000 to 12000 INR per month from home then captcha entry jobs are the best job for you.

One question is definitely arises in our mind what is captcha and why captcha websites give payment to us?. So don’t worry I will definitely explain this:-

What is captcha typing job and Why captcha sites paid to us?

If you use facebook, twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn etc then you should have little experienced about the captcha typing job.  It is basically a human confirmation test so that no software or robot can enter their site. Just see an example below to understand this better.

Captcha Typing Job Example

CAPTCHA is an image of several unclear letters. It’s your work to type the exact series of letters into a given box. If you type the letters correctly in the given box then you pass the test otherwise you get another chance to solve this.

Now how they paid to us?

Many Companies who need to register in thousand of websites on the internet so they can make the automatic software to register on the websites but these software do not solve the captcha automatically. So they need human to solve the captcha. So these software send their captcha image to the captcha solver websites and captcha websites give their captcha to us and so for that reason they paid to us.

We review some of the captcha typing job sites based on our experience and we selected some top legitimate captcha sites for you. Following are the list of top 10 captcha sites of 2018:-


Top 5 Captcha Typing Job Sites of 2018:


1. MegaTypers:-

This is one of the best websites of captcha typing job.It is free to join. You have to use invitation code to join Megatypers. I will provide you some invitation codes like DSA7, DSA8. If these invitation codes are not worked use google to search the latest invitation code.

In Megatyper you can get 0.45$ for 1000 words images typed in beginner level and after some days on the basis of your experience you can get up to 1.5$ for solving 1000 captcha.Many people earned easily 150$ to 250$ per month from Megatypers.

You can receive your payment in megatypers through western union, PayPal, Payza, web money etc. You can make your request for withdrawal when you have minimum 3$ in your megatypers account.

Join MegaTypers from here:-

2. Kolotibablo:-

It is one of the best international captcha typing job providing website and it is successfully running for six years. It is one of the best legitimate sites which is very professional and strict in Captcha typing. Sometimes they also banned you If you solved your given captcha incorrectly many times.

This site gives you 0.35$ to 1$ per thousand captcha images submitted correctly. Many people earned  100$ to 200$ per month from Kolotibablo.

You can make a payment request when you have minimum 1$ in your account. You can take your payment through Payza or Webmoney.

Join Kolotibablo from here:-

3. 2Captcha:-

2Captcha is one of my favorite websites because it is the most legitimate captcha site I have ever seen.It also gives a good referral commission to your members to multiply their earnings.

In 2Captcha you earn up to 1.5$ for 1000 captcha. You can also receive some bonus for solving complicated captcha images. The best thing about this website is it loaded captcha very fast.

You can take your payment in 2captcha through Paypal, Payza, Webmoney, Perfect money etc. The minimum payout for PayPal is 5$, for Payza is 1$ and for WebMoney is 0.5$.

Join 2Captcha from here:-

4. ProTypers:-

It is another a very good captcha typing job website to earn a decent income online. It’s working is same as megatypers.

You can get up to 0.45$ to 1.5$ for solving 1000 captcha images and earned up to 100$ to 200$ per month from Protypers.

You need minimum 3$ in your account to make the payment request and receive your payment through Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin, Western Union, Webmoney etc.

Join ProTypers here:-

5. CaptchaTypers:-

CaptchaTypers the name tell us what the site is about. It is absolutely free to join. Several scam sites with the same name that ask for fees, please do not sign up in those.

You can get 0.7$ to 1.5$ per 1000 captcha images. These Rates vary according to time means if u work between 9 am to 9 pm you can get 0.7$ and if u work 9 pm to 9 am then you get 1$.

The best part of this website is that you will be notified if the captcha is in case-sensitive letters. The minimum payout of this website is 2 $.

In order to work on this website, you have sent email to for login information. You can’t signup directly in this website like many other sites.


Tips and Tricks to Work with Captcha Typing Job Sites:-

  1. You have a high-speed internet connection with a speed up to 1 Mbps otherwise captcha image takes to much time to upload.
  2. You have a good typing speed up to 30 words per minute then you definitely earn a good income form this job.
  3. If you want to increase your income then you have to join your friend and relatives with your referral link because these sites give a good referral commission.
  4. More time you give to these websites the more you earn.


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List Of Top 5 PTC Sites Of 2018 – Paid To Click Simple Online Jobs

Paid To Click(PTC) Sites are the best way to earn money online without any investment. There are many PTC sites available online so to find the trusted PTC among them is very difficult so we can solve your problem by providing you the list of top 5 PTC sites of 2018.

With the help of these PTC sites, anyone can easily earn 150$ to 200$ (10000 to 12000 INR) per month by working only 1-2 hour daily.

list of top 5 ptc sites of 2018

Do you know how PTC site generate money and how they paid to us? so don’t worry I will explain this in the next paragraph.

How PTC sites work:- 

Nowadays many advertisers who wants to grow their online business needs to advertise their business or website so these advertisers used PTC sites to advertise their ads and products to increase their business or site traffic so they pay to PTC sites to advertise their ads and products then PTC sites paid to us to increase the site traffic of the advertisers website by viewing the ads of the advertisers which is available on the PTC sites.

In simple term PTC site work as an agent or middleman between advertisers and members.

Following are the list of top 5 PTC sites of 2018:-



List Of Top 5 PTC Sites Of 2018:-



1. Clixsense

Clixsense is the best PTC sites of all time because it is successfully running for 9 years.It is my personal favorite PTC site. I earned around 300$ just in 15 days from clixsense.

Following are the steps you have to follow to work in clixsense:

a) Click here to join clixsense and complete the signup form.

b) When you complete the process of signup then you get a verification link on your email then click on the link and validate your email account.

c) Now login your clixsense account and complete your profile.

Now, how you can earn money from clixsense?

There are many methods from which you can earn money from clixsense for example:- By viewing ads, doing the task, surveys, playing games etc.

Minimum payout of clixsense is 10$ and you can take your withdrawal in Payza account.

2. Paidverts

Paidverts is a very good website to earn an extra amount of income daily.It is a new website but gaining very fast popularity in the online world.

Minimum payout of paidverts is 1 $ and you can take your withdrawal in Paypal account.

Join the paidverts from here.

 How to work in Paidverts:-

1. After joining, you need to view BAP ads and collect BAP points. After that, your BAP points will be converted to paid ads and after view these ads, you will receive the cash and then you will transfer your earned money to your Paypal account

2. View all the BAP ads daily.

3. After 8-10 hours of viewing all the BAP ads, you have to check for paid ads and see all the ads.

4. After earning 1$ buy an ad pack, it is more beneficial for you because you not only receive 1.5$ worth ads but you can also advertise your affiliate links or banner.

5. Refer paidverts to your friends and relatives from your referral link to multiply your income.

3. Neobux

Neobux is a very best PTC site because it pays the higher amount of money to your members. It gives us lot’s of advertisement daily for viewing. I have earned 800$ from neobux in just one month.

Neobux is the all-time best PTC sites among the given list of top 5 PTC sites of 2018.It also takes the good position in Alexa ranking. NeoBux consists several ways to earn money and you will get your payment instantly in your PayPal or Payza account.

The minimum payout of neobux is 2$.

Join Neobux from here:-

How to work in Neobux:-

1. Click and view ads daily.
2. Neobux provides some mini jobs of crowd flowers so complete these mini-jobs daily.
3. Used AdPrize and you get a chance to win prizes up to $50 or a free golden membership.
4. Complete money pollfish surveys to increase your income.
5. Multiply your earning by referring to your friend and relatives.
6. You can also earn in neobux from rented referrals.

What are Rented Referrals:-

Rented Referrals are paid referrals they are not free. If you want to make 700$ to 800$ a month, then you have to take rented referrals. The rent of one referral is 0.20$ for 30 days You have to renew each referral after 30 days.


4. Buxp

Buxp is also a very good legitimate site to earn money online. You can earn in Buxp by viewing ads, watching video and youtube ads.It allows advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers.

If you want to withdraw your money you have minimum 8$ in your Buxp account and you can take your withdrawal via Paypal, Alertpay.

Join Buxp here:-

5. PrizeRebel

It is also one of the best genuine PTC sites. You can earn money from PrizeRebel by playing online games, participate in a survey, by complete offers of different companies, by winning contests and lucky numbers.

PrizeRebel gives good referral commission up to 20%.

You also get coins in PrizeRebel.For 100 coins you get 1$ and you can take your earning in PayPal, gift cards or bitcoin.

Join PrizeRebel here:-

Additional tips to work on PTC sites:-

  1. At least join 4-5 PTC sites.
  2. View all the ads daily because it shows your presence in PTC sites and you get more and more ads daily.
  3. Make your PTC sites profile genuine and attractive to get daily surveys.
  4. Try to make referrals as many as possible because it multiplies your earning.
  5.  The More time you spend on these PTC sites the more you earn.

So this is the list of top 5 PTC sites of 2018 which pays regularly for many years.

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Top 10 Methods To Earn Money Online Without Any Investment

There are many ways to earn money online without any investment on the internet and when you try to find on the internet you get some legit and scam methods so I will provide you the best genuine methods which I used personally to make money online. With the help of these methods, you can easily earn 30000 to 40000 per month by investing your time only(1- 2 hour per day) not your money.

Basic requirements to work online:

  • A desktop or laptop with internet connection
  • Paypal and Payza account ( some websites used Paypal or some used Payza to give your withdrawal so I suggest you to create an ID in both accounts)
  • A Gmail ID
  • A Bank Account

.Following are the list of top methods to earn money online without any investment:-

Earn Money Online Without Any Investment

Top 10 Methods To Earn Money Online Without Any Investment:-


1. Earn Money by Viewing Ads (PTC Sites)

This is the easiest way to earn money online by clicking and viewing ads.

The advertiser pays money to PTC sites to increase their traffic and members will earn money from PTC sites for viewing those advertiser sites so PTC websites work as a middleman between advertisers and members.

You get some ads daily in PTC sites and you have to view these ads only by clicking on it. 

Currently, Many PTC sites running on the internet so we can provide you the most genuine sites in which you have to work only 1-2 hour in a day and you can easily earn 150$ to 200$ (10000 to 12000 INR) per month by working on these sites.

Top   5 PTC sites are:

2. Get Paid To Complete Jobs(GPT Sites)

In Get Paid To(GPT) sites, you have to perform some small tasks like doing online survey, click on ads, watching videos, surfing, playing grids task etc. and when you complete your task your account will be credited.

Many companies pay GPT sites to run their banner and text ads so these sites get paid by giving their advertising space.

If GPT sites get more traffic then they take more money from their advertisers and from that amount they give money to their members.

Only Some GPT sites are trusted in this online market. Don’t worry I will give you the list of 5 genuine GPT sites

List of 5  Trusted GPT sites are:

3. Captcha Jobs

It is a very simple Online Job to earn money online without any investment because in this work you get some text or captcha to write in a box as it is given to you.

There are Many companies which require thousand of account per day on different websites. So these companies use automatic software to create the account. But this software is unable to solve the captcha automatically so they need individuals to solve the captcha.

You get 1$ to 2$ by just solving 1000 captcha. There are many captcha websites online but we provide you the list of best and genuine websites below:-

Top 5  Genuine Captcha Websites:-

4. Online Surveys

Online surveys are the very useful method to generate some extra income online.

Many Big companies or Multi-national companies(MNC’S) needs to increase their business by increasing the sale of their products so they can do this if they identify the correct taste of the public want in any product.

So by using the online survey, they can take the feedback from the people and they create their products or improve their existing products.

There are many survey companies online.You have to register in these survey sites and give your opinion and interest about the products of different companies which we used in our daily routines.

5. Affiliate Marketing

It is one of the best methods to earn money online without any investment.

Affiliate marketing means promoting and selling the products of different companies on account of which you get the commission.

For doing affiliate marketing you have to register affiliate program on any e-commerce site for example:- Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong etc.

After registration as an affiliate in any e-commerce site chooses any product in the site and take their affiliate link.

Promote your affiliate link on social media and your own website. When your product is sold through your affiliate link you can get a 4% to 15% commission depending on the product you choose.

6. Work As a Freelancer

Freelancing is very popular job nowadays because you can earn a decent income from this job.

Freelancing means provide your skill services to the online client.Freelancing work depends upon your skill. If you have a skill like a web designer, logo designer, giving SEO services, a content writer etc. then you can join freelancing websites and take the projects of online clients.

There are many websites of freelancing available online like Upwork, Freelancer, Elance, etc.

7. Work As a Blogger

It is one of my best methods to earn money online without any investment. Many people earn lots of money online through blogging.

If you have any skill or talent or any kind of knowledge about anything then you can make a blog. When you get a traffic on your blog then you have to approve your blog with google adsense from which you get ads on your blog or website. If anyone clicks on these ads you get a CPC(Cost Per Click) from google adsense network.

You also do affiliate marketing from your blog in which you can sell any e-commerce website product in your blog or website and you get the commission for that.

8. Youtuber

Everyone knows youtube nowadays. It is a second largest social networking sites. If u have any skill or talent then youtube is the best place for you to earn money online.

You have to create a video related to your skill for Example:- Technology, Comedy, Singing, Dancing, Guitar Teaching, Motivation, Pranks etc.

In order to earn money from youtube, you have to monetize your videos from google adsense.

According to the latest update of youtube, your channel need at least 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers in past 12 months to apply for the monetization.

In starting you do not get more views on your videos it takes times but if you are really good in your talent definitely your channel is growing depending on your hard work.

9. Writing Jobs

It is a very easy and popular online job. If You have a writing skill then this job is best suited for you because every online website needs regular content updating on its website.

There are many online websites in which you can find writing jobs like Freelancer, Fiverr, Elance etc. If you have good skills in writing then you can join the above-given sites and make money.

For a single post or an article you write you can get 5$ to 20$ depending on the article length.

If you don’t have any idea or knowledge of writing but want to make money from this online job, then you can start learning and practicing and follow the blogs like CopyBlogger to become a good content writer.

10. Online Photo Selling

This is another online job in which you can earn a good income. 

Nowadays, everyone has their own smartphone. If you have a great photography skill and you capture good photos of birds, real-life photos, event pictures, places etc. then this job is a best-suited job for you.

You can sell your photos on the number of photo selling websites like iStock, Shutterstock etc.


So this is the list of methods to earn money online without any investment now it’s your choice to choose only one method or more than one method to earn money online.


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